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Computational Form


Front-end, jQuery, p5.js

Computational Form

A project a day, with each week exploring and synthesizing p5.js references and other code libraries!

This League of Legends ward icon was done through coding in OpenSCAD, a programmers’ solid 3D CAD modeller. Sadly, I wasn’t able to 3D print it in time :(

Using sliders to toggle the animated Donald Trump. Inspired by

Animation created by sketching it on Photoshop and then proceeding to exporting them as GIFs.

Played around with pixels in p5.js to emulate a kind of heat map camera.

The colors correspond to the pixel density of the image captured by the camera.

Created a mini-game by controlling the peasant (pinned to mouse) to escort the king to his cheese to ensure he’s fed.

If he isn’t, he dies.

This is made through using Sprite functions within the p5.js play library.

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