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No. More. Rules.

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Adv. Typography

How might we reflect the design philosophy of artists featured on AIGA onto the ad campaign itself?


The goal of this hypothetical 4x2 folded AIGA poster (yes, the instructions were that specific) is to brand a concept through different forms and expressions. Taking on one of Jeff Keedy's approach to design as being neutral with attention given to the invisible grid, I've utilized the concept of the “grid” as an attempt to create a box through dividing the information into 4 skewed squares, giving it an illusion of a box.

Translating that approach to the form of an installation, a projection was used to integrate the cover art of the poster with the University Center’s multi-faceted vent (or in this sense, the other "invisible grid").


For the front of the poster, the plan was to first break down the page into a dividable 4x2 grid. Then, breaking down the phrase “No. More. Rules.” into syllables and allocating each of them to a box.

The purpose of this is to create a sense of declaration – as the user is reading it and as the user is unfolding it.

The texts are also italicized and laid on top of a background populated with the program’s slogan “GRAPHIC DESIGN AND POSTEMODERNISM REVISITED” in italics. This is to create movement and also to lay the down the “invisible grid.”

As for the back, I wanted to challenge the conventional column gridding system one sees in publication, especially in newspapers.

I thought of the box and wanted to see if that could be the underlying grid. By breaking up the cube into facets at an isometric angle, I proceeded to use them as “columns” for the body text.

Final Design



Scene of the projection and projection design


To push this whole ad campaign further, I thought about how the whole idea of the fragmented box would work well as an installation on our New School campus given its over geometric architecture.

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