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How might we ease the immigration process and paperwork tracking for international students who intend to study in the United States?

Product Overview

Non-American students

Reduce the possibility of immigration hiccups 

Ensure everything is in check in regards to paperwork, documents, and status


Swamped with paperwork & confusion, topped off with poor “customer service”

F-1 Student Visa Sample

Applying for a US student visa can be a tough and lengthy process. Some high schools provide assistance, and some don’t.

On top of that, what if the international student services don’t reply to you in time due to the thousands of prospective students they have to deal with on their part?


In 2017, you’d think design would be at least be applied 

This is a checklist the school sends out to students whenever its peak travel time.

Often neglected as sandwiched within other info.

Pain Points

  1. Tough and lengthy process and paperwork
  2. Papers to keep track of their expiration
  3. Things to be aware when making decisions (e.g. travel)

Proposed Solution

  1. Track and reminds you of expiring documents
  2. e-Copies of documents with you all times
  3. Checklists to assist in multiple procedures
  4. Immigration related updates

Understanding the User

The user is an international student that wants to ensure everything is in place regarding his documents and status.

The user needs to ensure everything is in place regarding his documents and status, because if he/she doesn’t, immigration issues arise.

User Research

Vi Ka Chaang, 20, Malaysia

Purdue University

Sciences, Genetics, Korean Drama

Survive through college,
Get a sustainable and good job

Vagueness and ambiguity,
Annoyance and restrictions that comes with being “international”

Zina Ibrahim, 21, Kingdom of Jordan

The New School


Achieve study life balance

Things that don’t work as promised

Tiffany Ying, 19, Hong Kong SAR

The New School

Graphic Design

To figure out what she wants to do after college

Paperwork in general

Flow Research

First, I identified the key information the app should know in order to guide the students in the right direction. A common example would be: has the student acquired a visa already?

This is because different students from different schools and states would be at a different stage in their application process. The app’s value comes through as soon as the student goes through college applications (prior to high school graduation).

Empathy Map

Within the researching phase, I had flashbacks to the stressful times during the initial process. With that said, it was important to revisit those moments and do a little empathizing with users – what would they be doing besides applying for colleges and visas that are also stress-inducing? What would they be commonly seeing in this phase of their life?

Journey Map


Immigration assistance and monitoring – all in your pocket

An app that guides and assists international students that are intending to study within the U.S. with a limited range of immigration related services.

Main features

      1. Be able to add and track documents (also see a sample as to avoid confusion)
      2. Activate checklists
      3. Notifies of any documents that needs to be renewed
      4. Notifies of any significant immigration changes


The “formal service” look

Visual Research

Some moodboard research to get the look & feel of what I want to include.


Step by step along the way


Brief overview


Asking if the user has or hasn’t obtained a visa. If haven’t, start the guide with a checklist on jumpstarting the process


Checklist for an F-1 visa application with icons indicating the nature of the type of document. Info icons are available to inquire more about the specific document.

Add Checklist

Add a checklist depending on which processes the user wants to proceed with

Expiration Watch

Immigration related documents the user has stored within the app. The energy-like icons indicate how close it is the documents are being expired.

Example of a document expanded.

Here it shows the number of I-20 copies the student has accumulated over the years. This will come in handy when transitioning into OPT or demonstrating for immigration purposes.

Users can opt to renew, edit, or add a document.

Notification screen reminding users:

  1. to check their I-20 before leaving the country for spring break
  2. to renew his/her passport as its about expire

Add document screen

Add document screen where the user enters document info and a scanned picture.


Main changes: added colors, swapped icons and distinguished heirarchy of information. As the designs were being iterated, so were the brand guidelines.

1) From the initial swipe to navigate documents between Work and Immigration related, to becoming a nav on the top since its only two tabs.

2) The order of documents have also changed and reflect the level of expiry, with the bottom being the one that will expire soon.

3) The checklist screen before and after color change and icons included on the checklist name. The highlighted colors indicate that there’s a sample document for the student to reference on.

4) The Add Checklist screen before and after color application. The blue and turquoise categorizes the documents to Work or Immigration related.

5) In addition, users are also notified that documents will be auto added in their Documents screen for them to fill in. An example would be the next image.

6) Passport and Financial Documents are highlighted in red, indicating that the user has yet to add these in order to fulfill an existing checklist.

Final Designs

Critics wished this wasn’t just confined to students but to open it up to  foreign employees!

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