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UI Challenge 2:
Password Reset &
Transaction List


Sketch & Flinto

  1. Design a transaction list and a sorting UI
  2. Design a password reset flow

Flow Overview (Password Reset)

What was it, now?

Entire flow illustrating the process of reseting one’s password

 Email/Phone request

User enters their details and then awaits for verification code

Code Prompt

Once received, user enters the code and is immediately led to the next step where he/she reenters his/her new password


You could almost hear it click

GIF showing new password being set

Here’s a flinto animation showing once the password has been entered and confirmed. A two-piece key is then joined – showing the successful creation of his/her new password

Flow Overview (Transaction List)

Sort your spending

Transaction list UI

Here’s a transaction list and a sort function along with it.

The transaction list UI features pending and completed transactions.

The sorting UI allows the user to sort between categories, recent & old, and amount.

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