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1. the study of flags.


Front-end, jQuery, Adobe XD

Core: Interaction

How might we create an interactive and responsive online collection? And what is the final takeaway?


What can they learn from this “collection”?

At the early stage, I brainstormed things that I would find interesting in creating an online collection for. Struggle here was to make sure there has to be some sort of key takeaway – something new the user would learn or realize, or a new perspective of something...

Brainstorm sketch.

General ideas included: Passports, Money, Websites, Languages, Flags etc.


Ever stared at a word for so long it becomes a meaningless shape? It’s called “Semantic Satiation”

The same effect occured to me as I was looking at flags. So I came to the decision of exploring flags as I was reflecting upon my own personal experience.

As a Chinese Malaysian growing up in Kuala Lumpur, I never felt out of place. It wasn’t until I moved to Hong Kong that I realize what dangled in the sky wasn’t an islamic verion of the “star-spangled banner,” but was a red rectangle with a flower.

Then I came upon this:

“Habituation leads to oversight in detail”

What does the stripes on my own flag mean? What do the stars mean? Do two stars from different flags symbolize the same thing?

Malaysian vs. Moroccan star

Final Product

Seeing a flag through a filtered lens

So, to ignite curiousity revolving around why flags are the way they are, see the GIF below.

The website showcases multiple flags, all broken down into elements such as: fesses, pales, moon, star, sun etc. Users can toggle on and off to compare among other flags. When one clicks on a flag, it leads them to a World Factbook.

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